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Vintage Ethnic Clothing Bale

Vintage Ethnic Clothing Bale


This Vintage Ethnic Clothing Bale contains traditional clothing from a range of different countries, from South America to Asia. Included are traditional dresses, tops, skirts, and/or pants. Examples could include vintage Mexican embroidered dresses, Oriental tops and dresses, Indian gauze tops, and more. Colors, sizes and styles will vary but all pieces in the mix will be women's or unisex pieces. Each bale contains 100 lbs worth of product. 

The images shown here are only samples of the kind of styles you will receive in this bale, the actual shipment will vary depending on our stock.

Condition: Grade 1 & Grade 2. This bale contains a range of items from excellent condition, to washables and mendables. If you are interested in a smaller order or a more curated mix, we have handpick virtual shopping services or warehouse appointments available. For more info, please contact us at

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