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LA Vintage is a wholesale vintage recycling supplier located in the heart of Los Angeles. Since 2008, we have been providing unique and retro styles to retail shop owners, designers, wholesalers, and costume stylists all over the world. At LA Vintage, we provide high quality women´s and men´s vintage clothing straight from our own rag house. Order vintage clothing, accessories and shoes from our warehouse at wholesale prices. You can order from us online, place a wholesale order by placing an order through our online site. If you would like to place a custom  remote order, please fill out our contact form. Lastly, if you would like to book an appointment to visit our warehouse, please email us at LA Vintage is a source for fashionable modern and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. Our rag house annually recycles millions of pounds of used clothing, shoes and accessories to provide sustainable women’s, men’s and children’s fashion. Our 42,000 square foot warehouse is home to fashion from the Victorian era up until the present. Annually LA Vintage recycles 8 million lbs of clothing a year and 5 million lbs of shoes. Our product comes from our warehouse directly and we are our own source meaning that we have a continuous daily supply of clothing, shoes and accessories.

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